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Monday, August 27, 2018

SBI has the same account without having to go to the bank

SBI has the same account without having to go to the bank

The country's largest bank, State Bank of India has millions of users. SBI is offering its most of the services online, but due to lack of information, many customers can not take advantage of online services, so banks have to stand for long lines. But there are many services of banks that you can use even sitting at home. Today we will inform you about updating the link mobile number from the bank account ....

Please update the mobile number update: 

- To update the mobile number you will have to log on to SBI's NetBanking site The dashboard of your bank account profile will appear as logged in.

- In your account's dashboard you will need to go to the profile tab. You will see the My Account tab in the Profile tab. Where you will have to go to profile option and click on the Personal Dates tab. In the Personal Details tab, you will get a change in my number option, clicking on this option will open a new window against you. Enter your account number and mobile number (new) in the new window.

 . Click the submit button after completing the details. Please update the mobile number. However, this method will only be used when you have access to Internet banking. We are going to tell you another way, which does not have internet banking facility. Mobile number can be updated For this you need to have an ATM debit card.

- To update the mobile number using the ATM card, you will have to go to the nearest SBI ATM. You will have to tap the registration option and add an ATM PIN

- Where you will see the mobile number registration form, where you can tap on the Change mobile number option.

- Here you enter your old number and confirm, after confirming by entering a new mobile number.

- Both of you will get an OTP written in Please send the SMS to the format provided on the reference number in the message within 4 hours, doing this, by doing so, please send OTP and reference number received in SMS from new as well asexisting mobile number in the following format ACTIVATE I OTP VALUE + REF NUMBER to 567676 within 4 hours. Mobile number will be updated.

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