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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Grenade blast outside court and blows up three

 LIVE VIDEO: Grenade blast outside court and blows up three, including lawyer, see shocking scenes in Syria



    • Authorities cordoned off the area to prevent further chaos after the grenade exploded.
    • The shocking incident took place on September 23 in front of a court in Tartus

    The family conflict in Syria has come to a tragic end. A grenade has exploded in front of the Justice Palace in the Syrian capital, Tartus, killing three people. According to reports, there was an ongoing family dispute between the two brothers. The two brothers arrived at the Justice Palace with a lawyer and that's when the controversy escalated. Prosecutors tried to stop him after a brother threatened a grenade attack, but the grenade exploded just before the prosecutor could catch him. The blast also killed the lawyer along with the two brothers, as well as injured 11 people present at the scene. Immediately after the bombing, the authority cordoned off the area and tightened security. Authorities are also investigating the matter to find out the reason behind such a hesitant move.

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    Police Constable Exam All Most IMP


    Police Constable Exam All Most IMP Quiz By Mission Exam Team.

    Police Constable Exam All Most IMP Quiz By Mission Exam Team.

    Police Constable Quiz By Mission Exam Team.

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    Police Constable Quiz By Mission Exam Team.

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    પોલીસ કોન્સ્ટેબલ ક્વિઝ ૩ ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

    પોલીસ કોન્સ્ટેબલ ક્વિઝ ૪ ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

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    Birth of a child with heart outside the body at Himmatnagar Civil Hospital

     Bhaskar Exclusive: Birth of a child with heart outside the body at Himmatnagar Civil Hospital, 1 case in 10 lakhs



    • A picture of a baby born with a heart on the outside.
    • The child was referred to UN Mehta Hospital, Ahmedabad for surgery

    Curiosity was aroused when a baby was born with a heart outside the body in the gynecology department of Himmatnagar Civil Hospital. The baby was born with a heart outside the body in the gynecology department of Himmatnagar Civil Hospital on Tuesday and was referred to Ahmedabad UN Mehta. The birth of such a child for the first time in civil has aroused curiosity. This is seen in one in a million children, the RMO said.


    Moonmoon Dutta celebrates cat with mom 34th birthday

    The condition of being born with a heart outside the body is known as ectopia- co radis

    RMO of Himmatnagar Civil Hospital Dr. N.M. Shah said the child's parents were almost aware of the matter and were referred to Civil. The condition of being born with a heart outside the body is known as ectopia - co-radius. This is seen in one in a million children. The child was sent to the U.N. Referred to Mehta, where an attempt will be made to establish the right place in the body by surgery. Care must be taken to ensure that the outer surface of the heart does not dry out and the infection does not appear until the child reaches the operating room. He added that such surgeries are now gaining ground.

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    Moonmoon Dutta celebrates cat with mom 34th birthday

     Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: Moonmoon Dutta celebrates cat with mom 34th birthday, seen in cheerful estimate

    • Moonmoon Dutta celebrated his birthday at home

    Today, September 28 is the 34th birthday of 'Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma' star Moonmoon Dutta. Moonmoon Dutta celebrated his birthday with his mother and pet cat. Moonmoon shared photos of the birthday celebration in SoMedia.

    Moonmoon Dutta shared the pics

    Moonmoon Dutta shared birthday photos in SoMedia, saying, 'Another year has passed around the sun. Thank you for being alive, healthy and intelligent. Thank you for your love and good wishes. May all be happy and bless everyone. '

    Special photos of Moonmoon's birthday ...

    Recently came into discussion due to his relationship with Tapu

    According to Itimes, Moonmoon and Raj are in love. It is worth mentioning that the two never forget to comment on each other's posts in the social media. Both of them have been trolled by social media users many times.


    MBA pass girl stood on the tracks for suicide

    The family is also aware

    According to sources, the family of Moonmoon Dutta and Raj Undkat are also aware of their relationship. Not only this, the entire team of 'Taraq Mehta ..' also knows about the relationship between the two.

    Respect for the love of both is maintained on the set

    There is also talk that the two are very serious about this relationship. The cast of 'Taraq Mehta ..' does not make any jokes about their love and respects their love very much.


    Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta  Chashma: Why didn't Nidhi Bhanushali participate in Salman Khan's show

    The affair has been going on for a long time

    It has also been claimed that the affair between Moonmoon and Raj has been going on for a long time. However, the matter has come out now. Raj is 24 years old and Moonmoon Datta is 33 years old. There is a 9 year age difference between the two. There is talk that the two will also get married.

    Moonmoon responded to the trolls

    Moonmoon Dutta shared two posts in SoMedia, one expressing displeasure with the media and the other with outrage over trolls. "Media and journalists with zero credibility," Moonmoon said. Who gave you the freedom to publish fictional stories about someone's personal life, even without their consent? This bad behavior of yours damages the image of the person in front of you. Are you responsible for it? You don’t even leave for TRP a woman who recently lost her son, lost her love. You can go to any level to make sensational news by putting aside someone's dignity, but can you take responsibility for ruining their life? If not, you should be ashamed of yourself. '


     Dimage ALSO READ Kasrat Koyda Ukel Whatsapp Virul Puzzle solution

    What was said in another post?

    In another post, Moonmoon Dutta said, "For all the common people, I had high hopes for you, but also the filth that you people have spread in the comment section, even the alleged educated people." It shows how backward we are. Just for your joke women are constantly shown low about their age, relationships. Even if someone in your fun circle gets into a state of mental breakdown. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for the last 13 years, but it didn’t take even 13 minutes for people to hurt my dignity. If in the future someone goes into depression to such an extent and thinks of committing suicide, you need to think once and for all that your words do not take him away from the end, right? Today I am ashamed to call myself the daughter of India. '

    Moonmoon in serial since 2008

    Moonmoon Datta is originally from Pune and came to Mumbai for a career. She started her career with modeling. She made her TV debut in 2004 with Zee TV's serial 'Hum Sub Barati'. She was later seen in the 2005 film 'Mumbai Express', 2006's 'Holiday' and 2015's 'Dhinchak Enterprise'. Moonmoon's father has passed away. He lives in Mumbai with his mother, siblings and niece.

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     List of Gujarati News Papers. 

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    Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    MBA pass girl stood on the tracks for suicide

     VIDEO to save a young woman: MBA pass girl stood on the tracks for suicide, without a moment's delay, the driver pulled and saved the life



    In Baitul, Madhya Pradesh, the life of a young woman has been saved due to the readiness of a motorist on Monday. The girl stood on the tracks near the railway gate with the intention of committing suicide. The train was coming from the front. Seeing these scenes, the driver crossed the gate and pulled the girl. Immediately after that the rushing train passed. According to those present at the scene, the girl's death was certain if she was even a few seconds late. The incident was not reported to the police.

    The incident took place at a gate on the way to the Polytechnic College in Sonaghati area. The Sanghamitra Express from here to Itarsi crosses the gate at 12-30 pm. The gate was closed as it was time for the train to arrive.

                                     Hearing the sound of the train, the girl crossed the gate and ran towards the tracks.


     Dimage  Kasrat Koyda Ukel Whatsapp Virul Puzzle solution

    The driver, Mohsin, said he was taking a ride to Sonaghati. He was standing there as the gate was closed. Meanwhile, he saw a young woman standing by the gate. He covered his mouth with a white scarf. She ran to the track as soon as she heard the train approaching. Mohsin was a little skeptical when he saw the girl.

    Mohsin further said that as the train approached, the girl went between the tracks and stood up. Seeing that, I ran to save him. He grabbed her and pulled her, but she wasn't ready to move. Just grabbed it and removed it. If it had been even a moment late, the girl would have lost her life. After removing it from the bandage, she started crying. It was true, but she was not ready to listen. The girl then told about the family. They were called to the scene by phone. They took the girl from there.

                                              Motorist Mohsin removed the girl from the tracks.


    Tarak  Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: Why didn't Nidhi Bhanushali participate in Salman Khan's show

    Troubled by not getting a job as well as illness

    According to the information received, the girl has an MBA pass. She has been struggling with her health for a long time. She is suffering from depression due to not getting a job.

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    Dimage Kasrat Koyda Ukel Whatsapp Virul Puzzle solution

    Whatsapp puzzle Questions : 

    Whatsapp Puzzle Answer::: 

    1 Horse sold out at Rs. 500
    First Person :::: 4 Horses x Rs. 500
    = Rs. 2000 -- Rs. 500
    NEt Rs. 1500 For first Person

    Second person ::: 2 horses x Rs. 500
    == Rs. 1000
    + Rs. 500
    Net Rs. 1500 For Second  person


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    Superb Technology::: All type of Radio Station touch anywhere

    Superb Technology::: All type of Radio Station touch anywhere

    The term broadcasting means the transmission of radio or video content using radio frequency waves. With the recent advancement in digital technology, radio broadcasting now applies to many different types of content distribution. Today you’ve the choice of tuning in to more types of radio station than ever before.

    Analog Radio

    Analog radio consists of two main types: AM and FM. Analog radio station frequently feeds only one transmitter and referred to as an AM station or an FM station in the U. S. But it is quite possible for a station to feed both transmitter in a similar areas or to feed more than one transmitter covering different areas.

    Digital Radio

    Four standard for digital radio system exist worldwide: IBOC, DAB, ISDB and DRM. All are different from each other in several respect.


    a company named iBiquity Digital corporation, with a trademarked name of HD radio, developed IBOC and still continues to manage it. Introduced for a regular use in 2003, it’s now in frequent in the U. S. More than 2,000 u. S. AM and FM station are using the IBOC digital radio services today.


    Also known as Eureka 147 in the U. S. And as digital radio in the U. K. DAB comes with a number of advantage similar to IBOC. But it is fundamentally different in its design. Recently, improved version of DAB, known as DAB+ and DAB IP, have been developed.


    Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: Moonmoon Dutta's item song video goes viral


    Specifically developed for Japan in 2003, ISDB TSB is the digital radio system used for multi program services. It is currently using transmission frequencies in the VHF band. A unique features of ISDB TSB is that the digital radio channel are intermingled with ISDB digital TV channels in the similar broadcast.


    DRM is a system developed primarily as a direct substitute for AM international broadcasting in the short wave band. DRM uses the similar channel plan as the analog services and with some limitations and changes to the analog service. A DRM broadcast can share the same channel with an analog station. Existing channel allocation DRM is a single audio channel system when used with.


     A woman in Santalpur  strangled an innocent to hide her sin and dipped her hand in boiling oil

    Sirius XM:

    Sirius XM is the combination of two similar but competing satellites radio service: XM satellite radio and Sirius satellite radio. XM and Sirius,which still operate separately at the retail level,are subscription services. They broadcast more than 150 digital audio channel intended for reception by car,portable and fixed receivers. These provide coverage of the complete continental United States,much of Canada and parts of Mexico. 

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    Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: Why didn't Nidhi Bhanushali participate in Salman Khan's show

     Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: Why didn't Nidhi Bhanushali participate in Salman Khan's show 'Bigg Boss'?



      • Nidhi Bhanushali was very eager to go to 'Bigg Boss'
      • Nidhi preferred her first love to 'Bigg Boss'

      'Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma' fame Nidhi Bhanushali was approached for 'Bigg Boss 15'. However, despite Nidhi's desire, she is not going to participate in the show. He is believed to have chosen his first love traveling instead of 'Bigg Boss'.

      Nidhi loves traveling

      Sources close to the actress said, "Nidhi is very adventurous in real life. He loves traveling and has been touring the country for the past few months. He is on a road trip with a friend and a pet dog. In the last three months she had only been home for a few days. Funds were raised to attend the wedding of a family member. '

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       Clothing joke: Malaika came in revealing dress to take the second dose of vaccine

      Nidhi is very active in SoMedia

      Nidhi Bhanushali is very active in social media. The makers of the show approached Nidhi after seeing his bindas estimate. To join the show, Nidhi had to return to Mumbai with a road trip in the middle. Nidhi was very excited to go to the show. However, she was unwilling to make any changes to her travel plan. That’s why he refused to take part in the show and continued the road trip.

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      Janhvi Kapoor is now a victim of Ups Moment, shirt button is opened

      Currently in Ladakh

      The fund is currently in Ladakh. He will go to Kashmir in a few days and stay here for 15 days. After Kashmir, he will travel through Uttaranchal to various states and return to Mumbai. If everything goes according to Nidhana's plan, he will return to Mumbai by the end of the year. Nidhi started her road trip in June this year. Nidhi also bought a new car for the road trip.

      Eager to make a career in traveling

      In a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, Nidhi said that he wanted to make a career in traveling. He wants to advance in this field and he will start his own YouTube channel and share travel experience. He is currently working on a road trip documentary.

      Nidhi left the show at the age of 18

      Nidhi started playing the role of Sonu in 'Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma' when she was 12 years old. Before Nidhi, Sonu was played by Zill Mehta. Zille left the show for further study. He left the show when Nidhi was 18 years old. He also decided to leave the show just to study. In place of Nidhi, Palak Sidhwani is currently playing the role of Sonu in the serial.

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      GSERC Shikshan Sahayak Recruitment 2021:

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