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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Grenade blast outside court and blows up three

 LIVE VIDEO: Grenade blast outside court and blows up three, including lawyer, see shocking scenes in Syria



    • Authorities cordoned off the area to prevent further chaos after the grenade exploded.
    • The shocking incident took place on September 23 in front of a court in Tartus

    The family conflict in Syria has come to a tragic end. A grenade has exploded in front of the Justice Palace in the Syrian capital, Tartus, killing three people. According to reports, there was an ongoing family dispute between the two brothers. The two brothers arrived at the Justice Palace with a lawyer and that's when the controversy escalated. Prosecutors tried to stop him after a brother threatened a grenade attack, but the grenade exploded just before the prosecutor could catch him. The blast also killed the lawyer along with the two brothers, as well as injured 11 people present at the scene. Immediately after the bombing, the authority cordoned off the area and tightened security. Authorities are also investigating the matter to find out the reason behind such a hesitant move.

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