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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

MBA pass girl stood on the tracks for suicide

 VIDEO to save a young woman: MBA pass girl stood on the tracks for suicide, without a moment's delay, the driver pulled and saved the life



In Baitul, Madhya Pradesh, the life of a young woman has been saved due to the readiness of a motorist on Monday. The girl stood on the tracks near the railway gate with the intention of committing suicide. The train was coming from the front. Seeing these scenes, the driver crossed the gate and pulled the girl. Immediately after that the rushing train passed. According to those present at the scene, the girl's death was certain if she was even a few seconds late. The incident was not reported to the police.

The incident took place at a gate on the way to the Polytechnic College in Sonaghati area. The Sanghamitra Express from here to Itarsi crosses the gate at 12-30 pm. The gate was closed as it was time for the train to arrive.

                                 Hearing the sound of the train, the girl crossed the gate and ran towards the tracks.


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The driver, Mohsin, said he was taking a ride to Sonaghati. He was standing there as the gate was closed. Meanwhile, he saw a young woman standing by the gate. He covered his mouth with a white scarf. She ran to the track as soon as she heard the train approaching. Mohsin was a little skeptical when he saw the girl.

Mohsin further said that as the train approached, the girl went between the tracks and stood up. Seeing that, I ran to save him. He grabbed her and pulled her, but she wasn't ready to move. Just grabbed it and removed it. If it had been even a moment late, the girl would have lost her life. After removing it from the bandage, she started crying. It was true, but she was not ready to listen. The girl then told about the family. They were called to the scene by phone. They took the girl from there.

                                          Motorist Mohsin removed the girl from the tracks.


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Troubled by not getting a job as well as illness

According to the information received, the girl has an MBA pass. She has been struggling with her health for a long time. She is suffering from depression due to not getting a job.

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