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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: Moonmoon Dutta's item song video goes viral

 Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: Moonmoon Dutta's item song video goes viral, injures fans

  • Moonmoon Dutta sang the item song in the South Indian film
  • In the song, Moonmoon Datta dances among the liquor

Moonmoon Datta, who played the role of Babita in the popular comedy serial 'Taraq Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma', is very popular among fans. The serial features Moonmoon Datta's stylist estimate. Apart from serials, Moonmoon Dutta has also done an item song in a South Indian film. The video for the item song has recently gone viral.

Injured fans with dance moves

Moonmoon Dutta was seen in the item song 'Adali Nato A Puta' from the 2013 Telugu film 'Student'. Moonmoon Dutta has done an amazing dance in a red-green outfit. In the song, Moonmoon Datta pours alcohol on himself and dances. This dance video of Moonmoon has become very popular among the fans.

Moonmoon Dutta's item song


Recently came into discussion due to his relationship with Tapu

According to Itimes, Moonmoon and Raj are in love. It is worth mentioning that the two never forget to comment on each other's posts in the social media. Both of them have been trolled by social media users many times.

The family is also aware

According to sources, the family of Moonmoon Dutta and Raj Undkat are also aware of their relationship. Not only this, the entire team of 'Taraq Mehta ..' also knows about their relationship.

Respect for the love of both is maintained on the set

There is also talk that the two are very serious about this relationship. The cast of 'Taraq Mehta ..' does not make any jokes about their love and respects their love very much.

The affair has been going on for a long time

It has also been claimed that the affair between Moonmoon and Raj has been going on for a long time. However, the matter has come out now. Raj is 24 years old and Moonmoon Datta is 33 years old. There is a 9 year age difference between the two. There is talk that the two will also get married.



Moonmoon responded to the trolls

Moonmoon Dutta shared two posts in SoMedia, one expressing displeasure with the media and the other with outrage over trolls. "Media and journalists with zero credibility," Moonmoon said. Who gave you the freedom to publish fictional stories about someone's personal life, even without their consent? This bad behavior of yours damages the image of the person in front of you. Are you responsible for it? You don’t even leave for TRP a woman who recently lost her son, lost her love. You can go to any level to make sensational news by putting aside someone's dignity, but can you take responsibility for ruining their life? If not, you should be ashamed of yourself. '


Helicopter  lands between ground during current match

What was said in another post?

In another post, Moonmoon Dutta said, "For all the common people, I had high hopes for you, but also the filth that you people have spread in the comment section, even the alleged educated people." It shows how backward we are. Just for your joke women are constantly shown low about their age, relationships. Even if someone in your fun circle gets into a state of mental breakdown. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for the last 13 years, but it didn’t take even 13 minutes for people to hurt my dignity. If in the future someone goes into depression to such an extent and thinks of committing suicide, you need to think once and for all that your words do not take him away from the end, right? Today I am ashamed to call myself the daughter of India. '

Moonmoon in serial since 2008

Moonmoon Datta is originally from Pune and came to Mumbai for a career. She started her career with modeling. She made her TV debut in 2004 with Zee TV's serial 'Hum Sub Barati'. She was later seen in the 2005 film 'Mumbai Express', 2006's 'Holiday' and 2015's 'Dhinchak Enterprise'. Moonmoon's father has passed away. He lives in Mumbai with his mother, siblings and niece.

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