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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Helicopter lands between ground during current match

  Air ambulance lands at Bristol ground during county match in England, a patient in need of emergency treatment

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You may have seen a cricket match hanging out in the middle. The match has often been stopped due to rain, sometimes due to poor lighting and sometimes due to the uncontrollability of the spectators, but there was something during the match between Gloucestershire and Durham at Bristol Cricket Ground in England on Tuesday that had never happened before. Helicopter (air ambulance) was landed on the ground in the current match. Due to this the match had to be stopped for about 1 hour.

The first over of the match was underway

This event is the start of the match. The Gloucestershire team was fielding and the air ambulance was spotted at the ground just when five balls from the first over were thrown. This was reported to the match officials. So when the helicopter came down all the players left the field.



There was a patient in a house near the ground

In a statement, Great Western Air Ambulance, an air ambulance service company, said the helicopter was returning to base after treating a patient. A patient near Bristol Ground was then reported to be in critical condition. The helicopter landed on the ground as there was no space around. BBC commentator Martin Emerson, who was broadcasting the match live, made a video of the incident and posted it on social media.

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