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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A disease that has no name

 A disease that has no name: A strange disease causes a 6-month-old baby to not cry or breathe evenly, even doctors are unaware of the disease

  • Leo's body did not move after birth
  • The disease also affected Leo's brain

In Canada, a 6-month-old baby suffers from an illness whose name no doctor knows. Leo can't cry or breathe in the same way. The doctor was also amazed to learn of his illness. Leo's 32-year-old mother Lucinda Andrew is begging a doctor to treat her child and do research on the disease.

Movement in the body stopped after birth

Lucinda gave birth to Leo on March 5 by normal delivery at Medway Maritime Hospital in Canada. After the birth, the doctor noticed that the baby was not moving.

The child was examined. The report found that Leo suffered from a genetic condition that adversely affected the protein coding of the TBCD gene. Such a one is rarely seen. To date, no doctor has been able to name the disease.

"I want the doctor to do research on this rare disease so that my child can be treated," Lucinda said. Leo can't even cry. He also often has trouble breathing. She was placed in the neonatal incentive care unit a few days after birth.


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The disease had a bad effect on the brain

On March 11, doctors transferred the child to St. Thomas Hospital for treatment. "Leo is suffering from a genetic condition," the doctor said. The disease has a direct connection with the TBCD gene. "The doctor told me about the disease but there is no scientific name for the disease," Lucinda said.

"My son's brain has been badly affected by the disease," Lucinda said. He is currently being treated at home with the help of physiotherapy. Hydrotherapy exercises are performed in the water pool.

Mailed to many doctors

Even experts know very little about Leo's disease because it is the rarest of rare diseases. Lucinda did a lot of research on the internet to understand the disease and mailed to many doctors around the world. Lucinda wants research on her son's illness.


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Another 6 cases like Leo were found

Lucinda wrote a post on social media about her son's illness. After sharing the post, it was learned that the children of 6 other families were also suffering from this genetic disease.

“I have consulted a molecular biologist as molecular drugs can help treat this disease,” Lucinda said. Leo loves to watch Toy Story on his iPad. Leo is cheerful when he sees it.

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