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Thursday, September 23, 2021

A woman in Santalpur strangled an innocent to hide her sin and dipped her hand in boiling oil

 ... 'I cried and screamed': A woman in Santalpur strangled an innocent to hide her sin and dipped her hand in boiling oil, people ran screaming, the woman was detained



તમામ સમાચાર ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો 

Masoom's hand dipped in oil.

  • The woman, who had threatened to kill herself, dipped her hand in the oil
  • Outrage among the people against the heinous act committed by a woman to test the truth of an innocent child
  • Detention of a woman whose father lodged a police complaint against her

Where is the justice for a person who makes a mistake and has to suffer inhuman cruelty in order to know the truth? Superstition and very low level ideology in the society is giving birth to such incidents. Something similar has happened in Santalpur, Patan. In this incident, a woman has committed an atrocity on innocent people without any mistake to hide her sin. The whole diocese is in a frenzy as a woman by the name of Lakhi grabbed her innocent child and dipped her hand in boiling oil to hide her sin. Based on the complaint of Masoom's father, the police have arrested the woman and taken further action.



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A heartbreaking event

The tragic incident that took place in Santalpur, the border of Patan district, has shaken the hearts of many people. A woman living in the neighborhood with an eleven-year-old child of a family living in Santalpur is being subjected to inhumane atrocities.

                                            Accused woman Lakhiben Rameshbhai Makwana


11-year-old Sangeeta's hand dipped in oil

Sangeeta, the 11-year-old daughter of Lovejibhai Kathalbha Koli, a resident of Koli Vas in Santalpur, was screaming in agony outside her house at around 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Jenny's screams came running from the side. In which a person named Dilubha Anubha Jadeja was devastated to see the condition of the music.

The baby moved to the treatment sense

Bhalbhala's heart was pounding in front of the scene. Seeing this scene, Dilubha's heart was also 'melted'. Seeing the baby in excruciating pain, Dilubha informed the baby's father by making a mobile phone call. The child's father Lovejibhai had moved to Radhanpur, far from Santalpur, to pursue a driving career. Knowing that there was any atrocity on their beloved, they first asked Dilubha to take her daughter to the hospital for treatment. They later rushed to Santalpur in a private vehicle.


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Lovejibhai, who reached Santalpur Hospital, was also stunned to see his daughter's hand. When he asked his daughter about the incident and heard her answer, her feet slipped from the ground.

The girl was talking to the man but the girl was gone

Sangeeta told her father that Lakhiben Rameshbhai Makwana, who lives in our neighborhood, had seen her talking to a stranger near her house ten days ago. He told me today that he had not talked to anyone about the person I was standing with. So I refused them but he told me to go home with me if he didn't talk to anyone. So I went to her house. Where they told me to put your hands in this boiling oil if you haven't talked to anyone and you are right. When I refused to put my hand in the oil, he told me that your parents are not at home now and threatened to kill you, so I was scared. I tried to get out of his house but he grabbed my hand and dipped me in boiling oil on the stove. I was burnt. Sangeeta told her father that Lakhiben had run away from there as I screamed as my right hand was scratched to the elbow.

Police arrested the accused woman

Dr. of Santalpur CHC. The girl's hand was burnt up to her wrist, Sheikh said. He is being treated at the government hospital in Santalpur. The girl's father Lovejibhai had lodged a complaint against Lakhiben Makwana at the Santalpur police station. Police have arrested him and taken further action.

Regarding the incident, the Radhanpur DYSP said that the accused woman Lakhiben Makwana has been detained. The critically injured girl has been shifted to Radhanpur Hospital for treatment. Currently in good health.

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