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Sunday, October 21, 2018

7th pay panchayat: Billion salary of 1.1 million employees in November?

7th pay panchayat: Billion salary of 1.1 million employees in November?
Before the Announcement of assembly elections in four states in the country, good news for 1.1 crore central employees can be found.
New Delhi: Before the dates of assembly elections are announced in four states of the country, 1.1 employees can get good news. The demand for central employees is to increase the fitment factor. By which, their basic salary can be Rs 26000. A media report has been sued. That center wants to please government employees. The center can command this early. Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are likely to hold assembly elections in November and December 2018, while elections in Telangana are likely to be held at this time.
Firstly get the idea of ​​employees on demand
An official of our associate website, IndiaDotcom, has claimed that the demands of the Sarkari employees are not known. And he is also thinking about it. The government is churning out the pay scale for the inside. But before declaration every aspect will be considered. The official also claimed that employees will be taken into consideration before the pay scale wage commission of 7th salary. Any kind of advertising can take about one to two months before this. But in March 2018, Finance Minister P R Radhakrishnan had refused to discuss any of these prospects.
What is the payroll recommendations in 7?
According to media reports, central employees should also be paid wages in a phased manner. Along with that, salaries of low-paid employees should increase. According to the recommendations in the Seventh Pay Commission, the minimum wage should be fixed at Rs 18000. When the central employees have been asked to increase from Rs 8000 to Rs 26000. While the fitment factor is also being increased from 2.57 times to 3.68 times the demand is increased.
If Diwali is not announced then?
There is a question in the minds of central employees that if 7th declaration of 7th Pay Commission will not be announced by Diwali, then it will be done. If there is another best cookie then it is January 26.

The government can make many other big announcements on this day. There is hope that employees can also get happy news on this day.

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