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Friday, December 25, 2020

All Village Maps : गांव का नक्शा

 All Village Map of India

In the next 15 days, Dr. Dhiren tells Cities not to go out of the house. 22% of the cases in the state are in Surat. 

All Village Maps - गांव का नक्शा gives you a full overview of your village and the surrounding areas. It is the fast and easiest way to sort the categories that helps you to find the local spots and areas. Village Maps is designed to understand and navigate with live map data.

All Village Maps : गांव का नक्शा is very helpful for tourists and also all locals to get full overview of different villages and their local spots, shops, businesses and all attractive places in detail. You can find all Village Maps, Mandal Maps, District Maps, State Maps with certain categories.

All Village Maps : गांव का नक्शा will show all villages from India in a hierarchical order, or you can search any place over the world so that you can see the place details with latitude and longitude values and can view on the map.

User can see all the search details in the list and can save the details to view the details in offline. All Village Maps - गांव का नक्शा will save details only to the phone storage so that user data is very safe.

See all major roads & street in a detail view with this All Village Maps - गांव का नक्शा.  We can get all live map data that can be available from a handheld device. All Village Maps - गांव का नक्शा  allows you to determine your location and view building around you or in any point all over world.

Dhirenpatel, MD Physician, President, 1 House Positive from Association of Physicians of Gujarat Society This village fortnight is very important. People at this stage need to be especially careful.                

As the number of positive cases continues to rise, it can be said that we are currently at a peak level, this is indeed a precautionary phase and special vigilance is required. Anyone from every society can be positive for facing a positive case and it is not possible to know whether the opposite person is positive or not. So it is very important to take precautionary measures, realizing that any person you meet at the moment is positive. We are moving towards herd immunity but even immunity cannot save you if you are not careful. 

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Special vigilance is required especially for senior citizens and comorbid caddisans. So far 12268 cases have been reported in Surat against 4712 cases in the state. Of the positive cases in the state, 2% positive cases have been reported in Surat. Similarly, if we talk about deaths in Corona, 23% of the deaths of Corona positive patients in the state are in Surat.

of the cases in the district are becoming hotspots in Kamarej taluka especially Kamarej taluka. Out of the total 2338 positive cases in the district, the highest number of 603 cases i.e. 25% cases have been reported in Kamaraj. 88 patient deaths have been reported in the district out of which 44 i.e. 50% deaths have been reported in Kamaraj

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