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Thursday, January 28, 2021

AnyDesk app Download Android Phone 2021

Do you know what Anydesk is and what it is, you have heard its name, no matter what I tell you, what is anydesk and how can we use it. So do not panic, through this post today, we are going to tell you all information about Anydesk in Hindi. If you have a computer or android phone and you want to control your computer from your android phone or your android phone from computer then you can do this with the help of Anydesk very easily and in a short time. There are many more interesting tricks related to Anydesk which we can do in any of our android phones or pc. So let's go to bed, what is Anydesk, how to download Anydesk.

What is anydesk ?

First of all, let us tell you that Anydesk is a real time live video information sharing software that can be used in all types of computers and smartphones such as laptop, desktop Android phone, Ios, etc. Using this, we can communicate our computer or smartphone with another computer or smartphone, whether it is nearby or anywhere else. If you say it in easy words, it is such a software that we can easily share the screen of our computer through live video to any computer.

How to Download Anydesk

To use it, you have to download Anydesk, its free and paid version also comes, if you have Online Service Provider, then you can use the paid version. You will get to see some price lists, if you want to use it for business, then you can buy the paid version. Three plans come under paid plan Lite, Professional, Enterprise

If you want to download Anydesk for free, then looking at your opreting system, you can download and install Anydesk from the link given below, you can use it for lifetime.

As soon as Anydesk is downloaded, then install it, after install is complete, open it, now you will see Anydesk's dashboard like this.

Advantage of AnyDesk.

If we have to help someone or contact an online service provider, they have to show something. Anydesk can be very effective in that situation.

In our computer, live movement can be seen from some other place and can also be used.

With the help of this, we can also share a small file of another computer.

Even in low speeds up to 100 / kbps, HD quality can transfar live data.

Whatever data it transfers to another computer, it encrypts and goes into another computer, thereby protecting security.

It performs any type of verification with you like Email, Name, Mobile Number, Location etc.

Disadvantages of AnyDesk

In May 2018, the Japanese cybersecurity firm Trend Micro discovered that cybercriminals had created a new ransomware variant with AnyDesk, possibly stealing the ransomware's real purpose.

No matter what kind of software there is or the threat of website security always remains, even if it is anydesk.

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There is no intarnal security in this software, it can be misused by all those who run your computer or phone.

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