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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Great Khali's Great Breakfast

 The Great Khali's Great Breakfast: Rangili Rajkot's Latare 'Khali' in an open jeep ... 10 plates of water in 15 minutes on public road, 5 plates saved



Khali tasted the Panipuri of Rajkot

  • Everyone get up early in the morning and exercise: Khali

World heavyweight champion The Great Khali visited Rajkot city on Sunday. They left for Ahmedabad at 8 pm. Meanwhile, The Great Khali was having fun drinking water at a shop on Kalavad Road. He ate 10 plates of Panipuri, 5 plates of Save-Dahimpuri, i.e. 60 nos of Panipuri, 25 nos of Save-Dahimpuri and also drank 4 bottles of 500 ml water. Importantly, Khali enjoyed eating with a watering plate on the bonnet of a car like a normal person on a public road in Rajkot. He was greeted by fans as he rode Rajkot in an open jeep. The latter left Rajkot in 12-15 minutes.

                                                               I roamed Rajkot in an open jeep.


 Kabul blasts join India

People should keep their body healthy through exercise

In Rajkot, Khali " many such gyms in India have one or two rooms". I am urging people to exercise. Many people say that if I go to the office, why should I exercise, but the only way to avoid the money you owe to the doctors is gym. People should keep their body healthy by going to the gym or exercising at home. Many people think that if I am married and have children, how can I go to the gym, but I also appeal to those people to do the exercises that the body needs.

                                                     Fans thronged to see Khali


Going to the gym won't touch Corona

"Corona can't even touch you if you exercise daily in life, so I urge everyone to exercise and stay fit," he added. I appeal to you people to get up early in the morning and exercise. Eat a healthy diet food, which does not cause any disease and your body will be perfectly healthy.

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