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Saturday, October 2, 2021


 Mobile addiction soar: Sagira, who was on the verge of a pubg game in Ahmedabad, threatened to run away from home, her parents stopped teaching her to get rid of the addiction.

  • Counseling the helpline of a girl who has been playing games on her mobile all day (symbolic image).
  • After snatching the mobile from Sagira, he also brought the mobile of his friends and played the pubji game
  • Fighting with family members at home and shouting loudly

સંપૂર્ણ સમાચાર ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો 

Nowadays, the habit of playing mobile games has become a big disaster for parents. In Ahmedabad, Sagira used to run away from home after getting addicted to mobile games. When the members of the house took the mobile from Sagira, he started playing the game by ordering the mobile from friends. Such moves also stopped Sagira from studying, which led to Sagira's mother enlisting the help of a women's helpline. Counseling Sagira gave her the understanding not to use a mobile. The parents were also asked to re-admit Sagira to the school and resume her studies.


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Sagira often leaves the house saying the wrong thing

According to the details received, the team of women's helpline Abhayam 181 got a call from an area of ​​Ahmedabad city and said that my daughter has gone on the path of Pubji game. Fights with all members of the household and threatens to flee the house, so Abhayam's team arrived at the scene, where Sagira's parents said their 16-year-old daughter often leaves the house with a false speech.

  • After snatching the mobile, Sagira gets angry and fights at home (symbolic image)
  • Sagira gets angry and fights at home after being robbed of her mobile phone (symbolic image)

Screaming loudly and arguing with family members

If his parents explain it to him, he will shout loudly at home and quarrel with the family members. He threatens to run away from home if the mobile is taken from him. Anyway bring her friend's mobile and start playing pubji game. Returning with his friends. Not only that, he is addicted to playing pubji games on his mobile so he plays pubji games all day long.

  • Parents stopped teaching to get rid of the Pubji game addiction (symbolic image).

The helpline team counseled 16-year-old Sagira

Sagira's parents stopped her from teaching because of such moves. The women's helpline sought Abhay's help as Pubji's habit of not believing despite explaining it was not giving up. The helpline team counseled 16-year-old Sagira and explained not to use a mobile phone. Parents were told to take their minor daughter back to school for admission and get her out of the game habit.

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