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Monday, October 4, 2021

Ganjavar plane crashes under Delhi's foot overbridge

Speak Low !: Ganjavar plane crashes under Delhi's foot overbridge, incident on highway outside airport creates surprise



  • A similar incident had taken place earlier in the year 2019

Right now, if there is one person who is most talked about, it is Air India. Recently, news of a deal between Air India and the Tata Group surfaced. The government later said that the report that Air India was bought by Tata Sons was false. Meanwhile, a video re-linked with Air India is going viral on social media today. It can be seen that the plane was found trapped under the bridge on the Delhi-Gurugram highway just outside. It was trapped just before the plane crossed the overbridge and proceeded. Users on social media were also surprised to see this strangely trapped Air India plane. As soon as the video went viral, Air India also confirmed that it was not an accident. The plane seen in the video was no longer in Air India's service. The plane was sold to a private company because it was unusable, and as part of that it was now being transported from the airport when it was trapped under the foot overbridge. The driver was trapped in the middle of nowhere as he could not guess his height. The incident also caused a traffic jam.


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A similar incident had taken place earlier in the year 2019. An Air India wrecked plane was trapped under a bridge in Durgapur, West Bengal, while moving elsewhere.

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