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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Smart Phone Protection || Make your smartphone Water Proof & Dust Proof

Smart Phone Protection || Make your smartphone Water Proof & Dust Proof 

Smartphone Handling Safety Tips Make your smartphone leak proof by espousing these 3 styles in the rain, the phone won't get fine, costs only 200 rupees 

It's important to keep the safety of phones and other widgets when leaving the house during the stormy season. Special care has to be taken if the smartphone isn't leakproof. There are numerous accessories available in the request that will make your smartphone leakproof. By these awesome some tips, you can keep your phone protected. Then are some tricks and tips. 

 1. Use of leak proof case :

 Frequently the phone falls into the water indeed after safety. In this case, the stoner needs to have a smart cover that makes the phone leakproof. The cover we're talking about will keep the phone fully defended in the rain. Leak proof case also comes by hard case and soft case. 

  • The specialty of the case 
  • The special thing about this cover is that it's comfortable with the phone. 
  • It also comes with a point phone and a smartphone fluently 
  • The stoner can also go to the swimming pool in the rain by keeping the phone in these covers. 
  • It has a design that doesn't allow water to enter any part of the phone 
  • Price 200 to 1000 rupees 

 Advantages of cover Smartphone can be used fluently in this case. It has access to all types of buttons, controls and other corridor of the phone. As well as being leakproof, it's also shockproof and dustproof. 

 Disadvantages of the cover If the cover is made of hard material, it may be heavy, or the size may be so large that you can not fluently hold the phone in your fund. Indeed if the call comes, you won't know. 

 Note Leakproof cover should be used during rain. The phone shouldn't always be kept in such a cover. 

 2. Nano coating (water resistance) :

 The nano coating is a hydrophobic liquid, so that no water remains on the face. It's used on leakproof electronics particulars, as it prevents water from getting inside the device. Still, this coating doesn't make the phone leakproof, but it can be defended from normal rain and splashes. The nano coating can be fluently removed from the top of the phone. 

  •  Price From Rs. 500 toRs. 1000 

 Advantages of Nano Coating There's no detriment in using this coating on the phone. This means that by applying this coating on the screen of the phone, the phone workshop as ahead. 

 Disadvantages of nano coating Don't make the mistake of dipping the phone in water after applying it. It isn't shockproof. The brilliance of the phone screen is veritably low. 

 Note It protects the phone from diurnal water splashes and dust. The life of a good quality coating is over to 6 months. 

 3. Leak proof phone skin :

This is the cheapest way to make the phone leakproof. Leakproof phone skin is a thin tenacious film, which is applied directly to the phone. The skin is covered from the reverse after fixing the phone. Still, it isn't a endless result and can only be used for a many days. 

  •  Price 200 to 2000 rupees 

 Advantages of leakproof skin Affordable and can be used with any normal phone. 

 Disadvantages of leakproof skin The skin has to be removed to charge the phone. Sound quality deteriorates. You Can only for short time periods. 

You Get This Note :Every day, Liquid protects the phone from damage. It will Protects your phone from tiny dust & dirt as well as it will make it water proof. 

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