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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Top 7 Best Quality Jewellery Brands In India In 2021 :

Top 7 Best Quality Jewellery Brands In India In 2021 :

Everyone wishes to look swish and of course, jewelry does this for women to complete any outfit. Jewelry is the most favorite thing of every young Lady. It has been an integral part of mortal culture since the period of Ramayana. 

 As we know that Indian people love to showcase their jewelry to look piecemeal from the crowd. Jewelry for women is commodity veritably important. Women are largely happy with their beautifiers. They ask to have the stylish quality of jewelry with amazing aesthetics. 

 The Gem & Jewelry Import Promotion Council, innovated in 1996, is the apex body that takes care of the import of Jewelry in India. It's headquartered in Mumbai and has over members. 

 This sector consists of further than gems and jewelry players. 14 of every 15 diamonds vended in the world are cut or polished in India. 

 So without farther ado, let’s take a near look at the top jewellery brands in India. 

1. Titan Company – Tanishq :

The brand is a attachment of the Tata company and is among the Top Jewellers in India. They've big jewelry stores to shop for precious jewelry like gold or diamond.

The main reason for its great influence is gold and diamond jewelry, regardless of their high cost, the love for the brand has remained constant.

Tanishq a tata product is that the most trusted jewelry brand in India. If you made a hunt for Top brands of Jewellery in India also you have reached your destination.

Net Profit: ₹1,496 crores

Net Sales: ₹21,051 crores

2. Kalyan Jewellers :

The brand is relatively popular among Indians. They've faith in the brand. 

 It was furnishing one of the jewellery from the early nineties. Lately it has started‘My Kalyan Mini Stores’which offers a vast range of diamond sets. 

 Not only in India, but people at world position also honor the brand. They offer exclusive collections of developer jewellery worldwide. The designs are exquisite yet affordable. Generally, the diamond jewellery is smoothly weighted, which makes it relatively lovable among women. 

Net Sales: ₹2,614.94 crores

Net Profit: ₹68.73  crores

 3. Rajesh Exports Limited :

 Incorporated in 1989, Rajesh Exports Limited has endeared millions of people by being an personification of invention and quality. 

 Innovated in 1988 by the Mehta sisters, they launched an Original Public Offer in 1995. The company re-evaluated its operations due to the converted profitable script. 

Their retail chain store called Shubh Jewellers is a ménage name in Karnataka. REL is the world’s largest muck of raw gold and largest manufacturer of Gold jewelry. 

Net Sales: ₹1,95,600 crores

Net Profit: ₹1,205 crores

4. PC Chandra :

 PC Jewelers is one of the nippy- growing and Top Jewellers in India. Recently a decade ago the brand has started its trip. Its online store mainly includes precious gems and substance.

 It has started operations in April 2005 with one supermarket at Karol Bagh Delhi. At present times,  PC Jewelers is operating 84 showrooms across all over India.

 They issues marked and certified products. If we say in detail that this brand is swish to buy gold and diamond jewelry online.

Net Profit: ₹83 crores

Net Sales: ₹5,206 crores

5. TBZ  :

 He other stylish diamond brand in India is TBZ. TBZ Jewellery is most prefered for its exceptional quality of diamonds by all Indians. 

 TBZ is known as Tribhuvandas Bhimchanda Zaveri. In Year 1864, TBZ was established and till its considered as one of the oldest brands of diamonds among all India. 

 The designs are exquisite and look majestic on every woman and make them shine in any occasion. When women wear this brand, she looks stunning and majestic. Indian women are fond of their fabulous Kundan jewellery and matrimonial jewellery. 

Net Profit: ₹43.09 crores

Net Sales: ₹1,354.89 crores

6. Asian Star :

 Asian Star has been selected as a diamonds  needs for women’s . Their diamonds speak passionate language with love and emotion. They enjoy asq. bases cutting and polishing installation at Surat with over 2200 workers. 

 It's present across the globe in major diamond capitals through its 22 marketing arms and accessories. Still Bombay Stock Exchange listed the name asian star as its was started in 1971.

Net Profit: ₹63 crores

Net Sales: ₹3,052 crores

7. Malabar :

 Malabar is the stylish brand which offers an exclusive range of gold and diamond jewellery in the Indian request. It's relatively notorious in the nation and extensively spread in utmost of the metropolises of the country. 

 Malabar was initiated in the time 1993 by M P Ahammed. It has colorful branches of stores not only in India but throughout the world.

You'll get one of the stylish variety of matrimonial jewellery and also jewellery according to the occasion. The inconceivable brand offers you a massive collection of unique designs which looks elegant and make every woman stands out in a crowd. 



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