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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Shu bhash chandra bose quiz

 Children University Gandhinagar has organized quiz online for children here in which children can choose any one of the alternative answers to the questions and answer questions related to the life of Subhash Chandra Bose and also get a beautiful certificate from Children University Gandhinagar.


Srinivasa Ramanujan - because our talk also shows that if Ramanujan or his well-wishers had a little lack of perseverance or if luck had taken a bad turn, the gem named Ramanujan would have remained wrapped in rags. So this is also about social and educational environment.  Significance depends on the size of the reaction and the type of stimulus used

Ramanujan's talk compels us to ask the question, how many strangers and racists will there be in India today?  How many Ramanujanas are there in India and even in America and Britain who are completely unaware of what is outside their creation in sexual and economic slums?  It is also a matter of what to do once you have identified an unparalleled talent.  Even the most talented English mathematician G.  H.  After Hardy wrote to Ramanujan for help, Bhagirath made a successful attempt to bring him to England.  

Hardy immediately recognized the diamond in Ramanujan and also noticed that he was tired of learning everything that Ramanujan did not study in India.  He understood that if we do not take care of him, Ramanujan's self-confidence will falter and the source of originality and happiness in him will dry up.  Ramanujan grew up believing in some gods and goddesses and took inspiration from Kuldevi for every small and big work of life and believed that his mathematical powers were due to the grace of Kuladevi. 

 He imagined a result that would amaze ordinary mathematicians and which could only be proved by selfless effort.  So this book is also about an extraordinary and special person from whose life one can learn a lot about creativity, intuition and talent.  Like so many other books, this one is just a fad.  Unfortunately, that was not my suggestion. 

 The suggestion was made by Barbara Grossman.  She was the senior editor of Crown Publishers at the time, and is now the publisher of Scribner.  Barbara first heard of Ramanujan in late 1987.  At that time Ramanujan's birth centenary was being celebrated and newspapers in India, Britain and America were all covering the news.  This

Subhash Chance bose Quiz

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