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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

online Age Calculator

Age Calculator App Download for PalyStore

Age Calculator is an android app developed for the purpose of calculating exact age of user. The application woks on any android devices fulfilling the basic requirement of app. It mainly focuses at determination of exact age of user depending upon the input date of birth. Use of application diminishes the manual age calculation procedure and roots out the error in age calculation in android phones.

Below, I have briefly introduced the growing scope and feature of Age Calculator app. The complete source code of this android project can be accessed from the download links in this post. You can use this source code to develop android application or as your semester/academic project.

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Download Age Calculator App : Click Here

Age Calculator for PC has got stunning ratings and reviews in both Google playstore and Apple App store. With over 1,000,000+ installations and 4.3 star average user aggregate rating points, it is on the top spot of Google Playstore’s Tools apps. Currently, Age Calculator is under Editor’s Choice Apps section in Playstore.

Check online age calculator 

Features This App:

  • It needs the Date of Birth in year, month and day format as input.
  • The application displays exact age of user and total number of days as output.
  • The application is easily downloadable and installable in android phones and tablets.
  • The application is fast, easy and comfortable in handling.
  • The app, being small in size, uses only a little memory of devices.
  • The application can be downloaded and used any number of times once uploaded to the store.

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Age Calculator

Age Calculator is one of the best example of its kind. This app has a modern sci-fi-like interface, and able to calculate your exact age in years, days, seconds and sub-seconds. Moreover, it has a counter to say how many days are left to your next birthday, which is very practical function if you wish to make resolutions, or organize a campaign for your BD party. Another really good thing is, that this app is a massive, constantly developing piece of software – once you downloaded, it is almost sure that it’ll work for a long time, unlike other simpler application, which are often left by the creators.

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