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Friday, October 1, 2021

LPG cylinder price hiked by Rs 25

 Gas prices skyrocket: LPG cylinder price hiked by Rs 25, unsubsidised gas cylinder price in Delhi rises to Rs 884.5, CNG price likely to rise



  • Once again the price of LPG cylinder has been increased.
  • In Delhi, an LPG cylinder costs Rs 884.5

Petroleum companies have once again hiked the price of LPG. The price of unsubsidised domestic LPG cylinders has been hiked by Rs 25, while the price of a 19-kg commercial cylinder has been hiked by Rs 75. After the hike, the price of a 14.2 kg cylinder for domestic use in Delhi has gone up to Rs 884.5. While the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has gone up to Rs 1693.

A tweak of inflation to the general public

Petroleum companies have given a tweak to the general public on the first day of October. Companies have seen a huge increase in the price of commercial cylinders. This can make meals expensive in restaurants, hotels, etc. According to Indian Oil's website, a 19-kg commercial cylinder now costs Rs 1,693 in Delhi.


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Gas-cylinder prices change every month

Oil companies review LPG cylinder prices every month. Taxes vary from state to state and the price of LPG varies accordingly. The price of an LPG cylinder in Delhi on January 1 this year was Rs 694, but now it has gone up to Rs 884.50, an increase of Rs 190.50 so far this year. It is currently priced at Rs 911 in Kolkata, Rs 884.5 in Mumbai and Rs 900.5 in Chennai. Gas-cylinder prices change every month. Its value is determined by factors such as the average international benchmark and changes in foreign exchange rates.

CNG prices are also likely to rise

Earlier on Thursday evening, the government announced a 62 per cent hike in natural gas prices. Natural gas is used for fertilizer, power generation and CNG production. Prices of CNG, PNG and fertilizers are also expected to rise after the decision.

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