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Friday, October 1, 2021

Death video: Cobra bites young snake catcher

Death video: Cobra bites young snake catcher; The young man fell unconscious and died at the hospital

  • A young man who fights to get a snake into a box.
  • The young man had many difficulties in overcoming the snake

A video of him rescuing a snake risking his life has come to light in Chhindwara. This is the last video of a young man catching a snake. It is seen in the video that the young man is having a lot of trouble to control the snake. He has been trying to keep the snake in the can for a long time. But during the rescue, Sampe bit the young man. He fainted just moments later. He was taken to hospital, but his life could not be saved.


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The incident happened on Wednesday in Newton, Parsia in the district. Whose video has now surfaced. It can be seen in the video that here a young Santram (43) has caught a cobra species snake near a pile of bricks. He had been fighting Jung for a while to control the snake.

The young man met death

After catching the snake, Santaram tries to put it in a plastic container. The snake wraps around his arm. In the meantime, the snake bites him. He held the snake even after the bite. Koirite locked the snake in a plastic box. His condition then began to deteriorate. He falls unconscious. People in Afra-Tafari took him to the hospital for treatment, but his life could not be saved. The young man died during treatment.

  • The snake was wrapped around the young man's hand.

Has been catching snakes for two years

Santram's son Bajari has been catching snakes for the last 2 years. He was also a laborer. Whenever he was called to catch a snake, he would fall out. He was also bitten by a snake during the rescue about a year ago. However, he survived due to timely treatment at that time.

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