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Monday, September 20, 2021

steps to prevent your phone from freezing and hanging .


Last resort: Perform a factory reset on an Android device from the settings in the phone

All the advice above should help you get your Android device working crisply again how before it was . In most cases, cleaning the Android system frees up available storage, improves performance, and generally makes the phone or tablet free from freezing and gives a pleasure to use again.

But sometimes that just isn’t enough to do. In those difficult cases, you might think of  wiping your phone clean (after you back up all your important data and files, of course!). Here’s how to factory reset your phone and make it free from freezing again :

  1. Open up the Settings app in your mobile phone.

  2. Tap on General Management and then tap on Reset.image15

  3. Select the Factory data reset option provided in the screen.

  4. On the final screen, confirm by tapping on Reset Device and Delete All option .


Spring cleaning, all year round

These steps should be performed on a regular basis to avoid your phone from freezing, not once a year (except the factory reset option). If you go through this checklist again and again, you can prevent your phone from getting clogged up and becoming unstable.

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If you want to automate these things and just be done with it, get Avast Cleanup for Android to help you identify apps you no longer need, remove junk files, spot and remove unused photos, and more.

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