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Monday, September 20, 2021

Attack in Russia: Perm State University student fires at fellow friends

Attack in Russia: Perm State University student fires at fellow friends, 8 killed, several injured; The students jumped out of the window to save lives

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The shooting happened at Perm State University in the Russian city of Perm. The firing was carried out by a university student, in which 8 people were killed and more than 10 were injured.

The motive for the shooting has not been cleared yet

A university spokesman said it was not immediately clear what prompted the shooting. The assailant has no other lethal weapon. Some students and staff have locked themselves inside the room, according to the press service of Perm State University. He has been ordered off the campus by the University Authority.

The Tass news agency quoted police sources as saying that some students tried to save their lives by jumping out of a window at the time of the incident. Police have reached the spot.


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Russia's oldest university

Perm University is one of the oldest and the best universities in Russia. It was founded in AD. Was made in 1916. The university was established in Perm as a branch of the University of St. Petersburg. The Russian government has established this university keeping in view the geographical and cultural strategy of the economic area. The purpose of starting this university was to promote education among the Urals. The idea was supported by DI Mendeleev and others.

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