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Monday, September 20, 2021

SpaceX's first civilian mission successful: four non-astronaut passengers return after three days in space;

He said- this has been the best journey of life

  • Four ordinary people who went on a space trip have returned to Earth
  • Landed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida  very safely

The dragon spacecraft of American businessman Alan Musk's company SpaceX has returned four ordinary people who went on space travel. The aircraft landed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida this morning. The four went on a mission called Inspiration-4 three days ago.

The SpaceX capsule landed with a parachute at 5.30 am Indian time. It was getting dark in America at the time. The capsule landed shortly before sunset from where it flew into space three days ago.

"Welcome to Earth from SpaceX," said SpaceX's mission controller after the capsule landed at sea. Your mission has proved to  the world that the space is for all of us

Alan Musk raised 50 million to raise funds

Alan Musk set a goal of raising 200 million through this mission. The funds were to be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. By the time the mission was completed, 160 million had been raised. After which Alan Musk gave 50 50 million from himself.

Alan Musk, owner of SpaceX, with the crew before launching the mission. Before left are Chris Sembrowski, Jared Isaacman, Alan Musk, Sean Proctor and Hayley Arkeno.

Alan Musk, owner of SpaceX, with the crew before launching the mission. Before left are Chris Sembrowski, Jared Isaacman, Alan Musk, Sean Proctor and Hayley Arkeno.

Became history

The crew on the tour were the first in the world to go into space without any professional astronauts. "Thank you very much SpaceX," said Mission Commander Jared Isaacman after the landing. This was a tremendous journey for us, which is just beginning. Jared Isaacman is a billionaire and he funded the trip.


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Who were the crew members?

Jared Isaacman: The entire command of the mission was in the hands of Isaacman. Isaacman, 38, is the founder and CEO of a payment company called Shift4Payment. He started this company at the age of 16. And today he is a billionaire. He is a professional pilot and trains US Air Force pilots through his pilot training company.

Hayley Arcano: Hayley is a cancer survivor. Hayley, 29, is the youngest American citizen to go into space for the first time. He had bone cancer and was treated at St. Jude's Hospital in Tennessee very well. Hayley has been given the responsibility of medical officer in the mission.

Shawn Proctor: Proctor, 51, is a professor of geology at a college in Arizona. Proctor's father worked with NASA during the Apollo mission. He himself participated in NASA's space program several times.

Chris Sambrowski: Chris, 42, has been a US Air Force pilot . Chris is currently working with aerospace and defense maker Lockheed Martin. He was involved in the Iraq war.


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Lifted off on Wednesday

SpaceX's fully automatic dragon rocket capsule was lifted off Wednesday night, after which it reached an altitude of 585 km. Leaving 160 km from the International Space Station, the crew enjoyed a view of Earth.

All four crew members began entering Earth's atmosphere Saturday evening, according to American time. He is the first astronaut since Apollo 9 to land in the Atlantic in 1969. Earlier, both of NASA's space splashdowns took place in the Gulf of Mexico.

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