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Friday, October 1, 2021

Actress commits suicide

 Actress commits suicide: Well known Kannada TV actress Saujanya commits suicide, body found hanging with bedroom fan

  • A suicide note was found in the courtesy room
  • Courtesy wrote a suicide note three days before the death

Shocking news has arrived for the film and TV industry. Well known Kannada TV-actress Soujanya committed suicide. The body of the actress was found from a house in Bengaluru. Police said in an initial investigation that the door to the room was locked from the inside. The corpse of the actress was hanging with a fan when the door was smashed. The actress was strangled with a sari. Her identity was confirmed from the tattoo marks on the actress' legs. A suicide note has also been found in the room. Courtesy Deadbody has been sent to Rajeshwari Medical College for postmortem.

Lived alone in the apartment

Soujanya, 25, was living alone in an apartment in Kumbalgodu in the southern district of Bengaluru. The courtesy in the suicide note did not hold anyone responsible. Courtesy said in a suicide note that she had some illness and could not talk to anyone about it. He was also treated, but it did not help, so he decided to commit suicide.

The family apologized

The courtesy further said in the suicide note that he apologized to the family, as he had taken a suicidal step. It may be mentioned that Saujanya originally lived in Kushalnagar in Kodagu district. Courtesy wrote three dates in the suicide note, September 27, 28 and 29, and committed suicide three days later.



Grenade blast outside court and blows up three

Police are investigating

Police have questioned courtesy parents and friends in the case. The police wanted to know if there was any motivation for the courtesy to commit suicide.

The Kannada industry was shocked

Saujanya acted in a well-known Kannada serial. He was also seen in 'Choukattu' and 'Fun'. The news is shocking for the Kannada industry. Jayashree Ramaiah had recently committed suicide. Jayashree was depressed. Earlier this year, 'Bigg Boss Kannada' star Chaitra Kootur also attempted suicide.

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